Goodbye Deviantart, Hello ArtStation


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I have decided to delete my DeviantArt account altogether, and focus on my ArtStation account as my main way to publish my visual art.

The reason is mainly realizing which social media I truly need for my visual art. I experience that ArtStation as a site has more focus on quality, advanced graphic design, artistic value and realism which I’m always striving for.

As opposed to that, Deviantart has more quantity with a medley of things, including screenshots, generator images without the personal artistic touch and the forms of interest in fandoms that I’m not into. There has been an influx of those things in the site, especially in the past few years and so the site is no longer what it used to be.

I based the group in Deviantart called Tolkien-Voronwë since as many might know, I am into the books of JRR Tolkien (more so than the fan of the movies), especially the Silmarillion and I will remain as such. The group has been my main reason to stay in the site, and now I will transfer the ownership of the group to my co-founder Yvan Strong. May she take a good care of it.

As for myself, I will remain as a Tolkien fan, but my ways of expressing it will change. I will still be checking DeviantArt from time to time, to see what my favourite artists there have created. But I won’t be contributing there any longer.


Facebook Created


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I’m just letting you know that I have created my Facebook, and like my WordPress forwards my posts to Google+ and Tumblr, now it also forwards them to Facebook, so my public stream can also be followed there.

If you are reading this at Facebook, then you may see it as the first post, but my previous posts and art can be seen in whole at WordPress.

Currents of Time


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Poem, as I posted to WritersCafe:

In these currents of time
Are you rock, sand or tide?
Sound of news will chime
As on waves they will ride

The water may storm, and will
Take sand away with force
After frothing waves, comes still
As ever, tide keeps it’s course

Then the new waters came
But always saw the rock humble:
The shore is still the same
And too easily won’t crumble

Live cameras for nature lovers


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I wonder how many of you enjoy to seeing the wildlife live online – the one that isn’t found near you? I can list a few cameras that I’ve watched, but if you know any more cameras like these, please do list them in the replies – I’d be glad to check them out. Do not expect a David Attenborough in these though (as much as I like him) – they let the images and sounds speak for themselves.

I have watched Decorah Eagles nest camera for many seasons – those are bald eagles in Decorah, Iowa. In Finland (my country) white-tailed eagles are found, as well as golden eagles, and I’d like to see a camera about them, but so far no other camera has been as clear and up close to eagle family life as this one. It includes night vision, panning and zooming.

For Americans the bird is their national symbol, of course, but for me it’s simply a magnificent animal, and the camera has also been very popular worldwide. Ustream has some more selection for live animal cameras, if you want to see something else – both wild animals and pets.

Beleef de Lente is a Dutch site for many bird cameras, but especially with Google Translate as a companion there shouldn’t be a problem to browse the site. Right now they offer to view nest cameras about barn owl, tawny owl, little owl, great tit, house sparrow, European robin, white stork, common kestrel and peregrine falcon, respectively.

And finally, here’s something completely else – an African safari. In Arathusa Safari Lodge, you can see various wild African animals nearly all the time, and the operators of the camera also pan and zoom often. The entire site, WildEarth, is dedicated to live cameras for wild animals worldwide.

You may discover that these cameras may offer you a lot of surprises and good amount of education, and perhaps in that way also inspiration.

Masquerade of Hearts


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Lyrics, as I posted to WritersCafe:

1st Verse:
My lips are curved to smile
I have stayed for a while
But my eyes are shadowed by mask

You cannot see them rose
‘Cause my voice never rose
And nor I never dared to ask

I need you to set me free
See, you don’t really know me
In silence soul is screaming
As in vain I am dreaming

That some day I would change
Which for you I’d arrange
Tolerating this lie
Inside making me die
This mask is worn too long
Oh, how it feels so wrong
I do love you, but see
I want you to know me

One day, one night I’ll leave
Through pain it will relieve
As my mind and body parts
From masquerade of hearts
2nd Verse:
I’m cold or so I seem
Inside my embers beam
Secret and hot have been waiting

To spark fire again
Long time ago back then
Much passion it was creating

I am sure that you’re not blind
That my heart has been aligned
Somewhere else than in this room
Where illusions brightly bloom

I hope you forgive me
I don’t want to hurt thee
But the time has arrived
As flame is now revived

This started out as a poem, but as it developed, it got a rhythm of syllables and so it turned out to be lyrics fit for a song. The subject can be about friends, lover, family depending the situation. But it’s dedicated to all who want to return as what they really are, and have the courage to do so.