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I wonder how many of you enjoy to seeing the wildlife live online – the one that isn’t found near you? I can list a few cameras that I’ve watched, but if you know any more cameras like these, please do list them in the replies – I’d be glad to check them out. Do not expect a David Attenborough in these though (as much as I like him) – they let the images and sounds speak for themselves.

I have watched Decorah Eagles nest camera for many seasons – those are bald eagles in Decorah, Iowa. In Finland (my country) white-tailed eagles are found, as well as golden eagles, and I’d like to see a camera about them, but so far no other camera has been as clear and up close to eagle family life as this one. It includes night vision, panning and zooming.

For Americans the bird is their national symbol, of course, but for me it’s simply a magnificent animal, and the camera has also been very popular worldwide. Ustream has some more selection for live animal cameras, if you want to see something else – both wild animals and pets.

Beleef de Lente is a Dutch site for many bird cameras, but especially with Google Translate as a companion there shouldn’t be a problem to browse the site. Right now they offer to view nest cameras about barn owl, tawny owl, little owl, great tit, house sparrow, European robin, white stork, common kestrel and peregrine falcon, respectively.

And finally, here’s something completely else – an African safari. In Arathusa Safari Lodge, you can see various wild African animals nearly all the time, and the operators of the camera also pan and zoom often. The entire site, WildEarth, is dedicated to live cameras for wild animals worldwide.

You may discover that these cameras may offer you a lot of surprises and good amount of education, and perhaps in that way also inspiration.