About Me

I am known as Elaini around the Internet, though my real name is Annastiina Salonen. In this blog I post a number of things, as well as my art.

It’s also my main blog from which I allow WordPress to forward posts to the social media accounts of mine that I have listed. If you want to follow me, you can do it in any of those accounts. You can find them under Feeds At…

I am a thinker, composer, visual artist, roleplayer and a fantasy fan. As a general Web ID I use the name “Elaini” or “Elainiwen” or something along the lines. If you see names such as these, there’s a chance that it’s mine, unless I tell otherwise.

I have lived in Finland as long as I remember. I know Finnish and English for the most part, some Swedish, French and Elvish – yep, I’m enough of a J.R.R. Tolkien geek for that! So, Elen síla lumenn’ omentielvo… if you have read the Lord of the Rings, you may know what it means.

I went thought a musical class in school. I ended up going to a musical secondary school and high school, and with the action I sang in a choir, performing in smaller and bigger concerts with classical and popular music. We even made gigs to many countries in Europe, traveling with a bus.

Composing music is not something that I caught up with immediately, though the ideas for melodies were always there since the young age. I wrote the melodies up to simple pieces of paper, and I’ve finally taken a habit to complete them as full songs, some with lyrics.

The music I enjoy is mostly folk, classical, rock and their blends. I’m especially taken by massive (or let’s say – epic) arrangements, but sometimes also by something simple and serene.

I also highly enjoy visual arts and I’m somewhat active in deviantART if I have the time for it – both traditional and digital art will do. I draw by hand, with my computer and I can also 3D model characters and objects.

If you’re looking for my WordPress blog for creating 3D, you’ll find it here.


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